Invest in CDs: A Christmas Story

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Creative Commons License photo credit: swanksalot

In a society that is occasionally inundated with free CDs (and now DVDs) from many different vendors plying their software, sometimes it’s good to sit down, gather them all together, and recycle them.

In the Christmas spirit I have another shiny idea. And that is reusing CDs as holiday decorations. During my college years (long ago in the Early Middle Ages), my roommates and I decorated a “Christmas” tree with CDs. We made sure that the shiny, reflected side was out so that the tree would shine (but not like Roger Young). However, being a poor college student living off dish rag soup and being allergic to real Christmas trees, it was not a real Christmas tree Charlie Brown. It was, however, a plastic fichus which I still have today*.

But decorating a Christmas tree is not the only thing you can use CDs for. There was one crafty individual that made furniture from AOL CDs although it does not look as comfortable as the iron throne. You can also use them in packing presents to help confuse children that are especially good at puzzling out what is wrapped under the tree. While the weather outside is frightful, and when you’re near that fire that is so delightful, you could put candles on the CDs to add to the ambiance (NOTE: always be careful and responsible when using fire). If you add some string and holiday colored markers you could make some nice hanging ornaments. CDs can even serve as coasters for hot chocolate and wassail.

All this to say, it’s the holidays! Enjoy food, friends, and family. Lets all be thankful for what we have and ready to give without hesitation to those around us. And ready to use what we have been given to the best of our abilities. Including old CDs. Send us your ideas and pictures of your creations.

Happy Holidays Y’all!

*Now that I’m out of college and gainfully employed, we have a real fake Christmas tree which we will put out as soon as we unpack that pile of boxes we have left sitting there for a year.

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