WINNERS! Harry Potter Midnight Madness Ticket Giveaway

As you might have heard, we were able to give away two pairs of tickets to the Harry Potter Midnight Madness Premiere party and 12:01am showing here at the Wortham IMAX theater at the Houston Museum of Natural Science! We were exchanging entries for your outpouring of love for our Museum and all of the exhibitions, events, lectures, etc that we offer here as well as whatever memories you associate with HMNS that lead you to want to share your love of the Museum!

@tallglassofH20 said: @hmns Is so romantic!
Nothing like stealing a kiss in the Smith
Gem Vault surrounded by those
amazing jewels . #whyilovehmns
Photo by etee on Flickr.

Thank you all for your excellent entries! Without further delay… the winners are:

BeyondBones Blog winner: EDT
Ed actually commented with a listing of his favorite things about the Museum along with two links to blog posts about the Museum (way to maximize your entries Ed!)

Twitter Winner: @communitycloth
with just one sweet little tweet! The administrator of this nonprofit org is sharing the tickets with one of their volunteers!

It was so fun to see the the things that you all thought of when asked why you love the Museum – so I wanted to share a few in case you missed them!

@jencorona: @hmns rocks because one day, the Geovator *will* take me to the center of the earth. #whyilovehmns

I am pretty sure that this is true, I go check it out every so often just in case we’ve actually created that well!

@htownfurniture: I love @hmns because the T-rex & his friends were kind enough to host our wedding reception. (And T-Rex *knows* how to party.) #whyilovehmns

To find out more about renting the Paleontology Hall for your wedding reception, the Gems and Minerals hall for a corporate event or even the Planetarium for your friend’s birthday party go here it will be an unforgettable event!!

@chookooloonks: I love @hmns because they’re a class act, and get social media and its power to create a community like no other. #whyilovehmns

I suspect she’s met Erin and the awesome online media team here at HMNS — by the way if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new website it’s really great!

@SuzyQJenn: #whyilovehmns Because butterflies make me 🙂

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos SuzyQ – YOU TOO can add some of your Flickr photos to the HMNS Flickr stream! Thanks to so many people coming out for the Flickr Meetups and contributing their photos online via the HMNS stream we can share the Museum with the world via the web!

That’s just a few of the comments we got on the web by asking the question — what do YOU love about HMNS? Thank you to everyone who entered – we were even a local trending topic on Twitter!

You can see everyone’s entries here, here and here. We love your feedback and please keep these lines of communications open we’re always happy to answer questions you leave in the comments section of the blog or send us via twitter! Who knows, you might just comment in time for another contest — it could happen!

Don’t forget the Harry Potter Midnight Madness party begins at 10:30pm tomorrow night (Thursday, 11/18) and if you’re going to enter the costume contest please arrive before 10:45pm to sign up!

The prizes for the costume contest are pretty awesome: Best Adult Female and Best Adult Male will each receive a $100 AMEX gift card and Best Male (under 13) and Best Female (under 13) will receive $50 itunes gift cards PLUS a HMNS Family membership! Our judges are ready to see your best costumes — get creative folks – we can’t wait to see you tomorrow night!

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After volunteering at HMNS since 1993, Allison joined HMNS full time in 2003. Her current job responsibilities include curating the education collections and keeping the summer camp classrooms stocked with materials, facilitating Education special events, and coordinating the Museum's overnight program. In her "spare time" she volunteers with the Junior League of Houston and spends her time in artistic pursuits.

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