VIDEO: The Latest On Lois [Corpse Flower]

The suspense is KILLING us. So – we went down to the Cockrell Butterfly Center to talk to Zac about what’s happening with Lois. And as he put it, “We’re really really close…it could be any time now.”

Hear more in our latest video on Lois!

More info on the blog:

Minute by minute updates on Twitter:

See updated photos on Flickr:

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16 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Latest On Lois [Corpse Flower]

  1. I know you guys are all anxious, but I must admit I’m hoping Lois holds out a little longer so she will still be in bloom when we come up there this Saturday 😀

  2. Hi, just a question…how long will we be able to view Lois’ bloom after she opens? I won’t be able to get up there til Saturday morning and hope the flower will still be open (I know it’ll probably have already started to die and the smell will be bad, but I just don’t want to go if there will be nothing to see)…

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    We’re not really sure, but the bloom typically lasts 1 – 2 days. The smell lasts only 8 – 12 hours, though.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Lois gets about a gallon of water a day. It might not seem like much compared to her size, but she apparently prefers a pretty dry environment.

  5. What can I expect to see at 9-10 tonight if she is indeed beginning to bloom right now?

  6. Hi Brian,

    We can’t say exactly…it’s a waiting game! We think she is blooming, but if so, it’s the very early stages and it’s going slowly. Sorry I can’t be more help, but we just don’t know!

  7. Is there any way we can set up to have a text when she starts to open, or when she is almost opened all the way?

  8. Are there no Lois souvenirs in the gift shop? No scratch-and-sniff postcards or Corpse Flower perfume? That is a little disappointing but I guess there wasn’t time to get that organized.

  9. Hi Theresa,

    We definitely wish we had had enough time to get items like that produced – but Lois is totally unpredictable!

  10. Hi Kari,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do that. But – you can follow minute by minute updates on twitter ( – these are publicly available even if you aren’t signed up for Twitter) and is you do use the service, you can get texts when we update by adjusting your settings.

    We’ll also post the notice to Facebook at

    And – don’t worry – even if you don’t know right when she starts blooming, she’ll be in bloom for a few days 🙂

  11. What happens to flower after she wilts, is there a way to preserve her in like a dry flower arangement or in frame?

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