VIDEO: The Beginning of the Bloom? [Corpse Flower]

Lois has made lots of progress today – the upper spathe has separated dramatically from the inner spadix even since last night. but Lois is, as always, unpredictable! We’ll continue to keep everyone posted through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, the Corpse Flower webcam, and the museum web site.

Here’s the latest from Zac, our horticulturalist!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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12 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Beginning of the Bloom? [Corpse Flower]

  1. Zac mentioned in the video in 24 hours from the time this was filmed, around this time, it would be almost fully open? Has it achieved that mark yet?

  2. Lois is still opening – just slowly! I heard our horticulturalists saying earlier today that it’s about halfway open, and still moving.

  3. Hi! I’m a graphic designer and couldn’t help but do a little design for Lois and her fans! It would be great for a button or sticker. Actually, as it’s an original, I think you could sell a bunch! I added the graphic to your flickr group.

  4. Man… Get the poor girl out of there!!! Leave her alone…. all the people and flashes and stuff is no doubt stressing her out… No wonder she wont bloom to her potential and looks so unhealthy/wilted!

    You guys should know better!!!

    Plants have feelings to!!

  5. Is she expected to open up any further? Also, if I have a ticket for 10:00 pm, is that the earliest time I can go in, or can I just go in earlier? I know the ticket gets you admission until midnight.

  6. Hi Brian, We think this might be it – but with Lois, you never can tell. She’s showing the “vase” shape instead of the “bell” shape we were expecting, but this is a common bloom-type for corpse flowers.

    If your ticket is for 10 pm, that’s when you can go in – most likely, the other times will be sold out as well, and we have to limit the number of people in the gallery at once. I hope this helps!

  7. Typically, corpse flowers last for 1 – 2 days – but Lois has not been typical. Unfortunately, we just don’t know. If you want to be sure and see her, sooner is probably better.

  8. Erin, you’re welcome! I hope you will make it into buttons at least for your Team Lois staff! They would make great stickers, too. If you decided to make more, you could probably sell them for $7. I know I’d buy one!

  9. You Go Lois! For the person that griped…. say ing she looked wilted….. wel I have news for you. We are in HOUSTON. Th is astocious heat has almost all plants looking somewhat wilted and tired. AND…. in the daytime the flash should not bother Lois toooo much. I DO agree she might need a little more “attention” from staff than usual with all those people looking at her. She is BEAUTIFUL. I think she will be in FULL BLOOM by the time I get there. Tickets are not entirely sold out. I am getting two NOW for me and Mom. I am disabled, Deaf-Blind since birth, and the chance to see something up close like that means the WORLD to me. Y ou bet I am gonna brave the tiniest stench, get right up there and get a pic with her. 🙂 This is a once in a lifetime chance for me. (I am in my forties).

    BTW, please excuse the caps above… is to show emphasis, not shouting…..that is the “Deaf” way oftentimes to distinguish a difference or emphasis.

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