SATURDAY: Online Chat with Zac & @CorpzFlowrLois

July 15, 2010

7.15.10 Amorphophallus titanum] 10 am
So happy together…Chat with Zac and Lois
this Saturday!

Inquiring minds want to know…pretty much everything about the Corpse Flower!

Lois (as we affectionately call her) is still closed, almost a week past our initial estimate for when she would bloom in all her stinky glory – but her unpredictability is part of her unique charm!

We’ve been doing frequent video updates with our horticulturalist, Zac Stayon as well as updates to a Lois Flickr set and minute-by-minute updates on Twitter. Our Lois t-shirts and buttons (my favorite: “Amorphophallus titanum: Latin for AWESOME.”) are flying off the shelves – and thousands of people stop by every day – some for the 4th or 5th time – to check on her progress. As many as 3200 people have been camped out on our Lois webcam at a single time, tweeting away.

And patrons aren’t the only ones tweeting! As you have probably heard, Lois is tweeting as @CorpzFlowrLois, the hilarious (as well as often-not-family-friendly*) alter ego for our favorite stinky plant. She popped up on Twitter Monday, to tell us something we kind of already knew – and her lol-inducing rants have inspired more than 1000 people to follow her updates. You can find her doing bikram yoga, flirting with our horticulturalist or explaining her pre-bloom ritual.

This Saturday, at 11 am, you can ask Lois and Zac all of your Corpse Flower questions during our onine chat! Space is limited, so register NOW.

And if you can’t make the event time, or if you don’t make it in under the wire – never fear! Post your questions in the comments section of this post and Zac will answer them, too!

*and in case you are wondering, not a by-the-museum account 🙂

Erin B
Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

14 responses to “SATURDAY: Online Chat with Zac & @CorpzFlowrLois”

  1. Steph K. says:

    Hey Lois and Zac!

    I have 2 questions:

    1. How long has Lois been growing to get to where she is now (her first bloom)?

    2. And now a more personal question (hope this doesn’t make Lois even more bloomshy than she already is…)– Are y’all gonna pollinate her?

    Thanks for helping keep HMNS as fun & awesome as ever 🙂

  2. scottF says:

    Could you please post a picture of the sign that is displayed next to Lois on your flickr page? I am dying to know what it says! Thanks.

  3. Erin F says:

    Hi Scott – great idea! I will work on that today.

  4. Erin F says:

    Hi Steph,

    We have grown Lois from a corm (like a bulb) that was the size of a walnut, and we have had her for 6 years.

    We aren’t planning to pollinate her, since that would cause the flower to close right away – and we want everyone who wants to see her to have the chance to do so.

    Glad you’re enjoying the drama! Zac is giving Lois some plant hormones today to see if that will help her open.

  5. Heather says:

    Hi Zac,

    Thanks so much for sharing Lois with us. How are you handling your newfound fame and whatever will you do AFTER she has bloomed?

  6. Paige O says:

    Does anyone know what the leaf feels like on the inside?

  7. Cybil Bennett says:

    Hello Lois and Zac,
    I’m from Arizona and have been following this story since I heard of it two weeks ago on National News and have been obsessed with Lois since then. I’ve been watching the webcam feed constantly since yesterday and I can’t wait for her to bloom.
    I have 2 questions as well and they are, Where did you get Lois as a crom from?
    And where did the person you got Lois the crom from get it? It’s seems like Corpse Flower croms would be hard to come across.
    Thanks so much.

  8. Emily says:

    Tried to register for the on-line chat. What is the password?

  9. Emily says:

    I guess I should say what was the password?

  10. Melisa says:

    Today’s Webchat was fabulous. So glad to hear the factual dialogue to support the webcam documentation. Zac is the perfect “agent” for Lois!
    Thanks for all the great quality flicker photo updates.
    Will there be a photo update for today, Sat. July 17th?
    It is hard to see the detailed daily changes of the bloom on the webcam.
    We are waiting with anticipation for the FUNK!

  11. Erin F says:

    Melisa, I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! And that you’re enjoying the Flickr photos. None for today, I’m afraid, so far – will try to get some from Zac to post!

  12. Erin F says:

    Hi Emily, I am so sorry you missed the chat. There was actually a blue “register” link in the right corner you had to click first. I was so busy in the chat, I couldn’t answer 🙁 We are going to post a transcript of teh chat, along with a recording and answers to the questions we missed. If you have any questions, you can submit them to @hmns on Twitter, leave a comment here or send us an email at

  13. Sheri H says:

    Hello – is the link for the transcript of the online chat up yet? I haven’t been able to find it. Thank You!

  14. Erin F says:

    Hi again, Scott! Sorry for the delay – but we just posted an image of the sign on Flickr:

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