Funky Town! A Playlist for our Favorite Stinky Plant

July 13, 2010

We are all so excited about our resident corpse flower – she even got her own cupcake! – and we’re thrilled to see that Lois is all the rage on Twitter – and last night, intrepid Tweep Justin Concepcion (@JVConcep) started a trend – songs we should be playing for Lois. We don’t know if this will get her to finally open, or it’ll just be fun to rock out to – but here it is: our crowdsourced corpseflower playlist! Major thanks to Justin, who came up with the idea, collected the song titles, told us why they fit and sent us the list!

Give it Up to the Funk – Parliament

Because we all want the funk!!

Funky Town – Lipps Inc.
Classic and you can’t go wrong

That Smell – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Because this is the #1 most requested song choice!

Smelly Cat – Phoebe (From Friends)
For the hippy in all of us who love things that smell…

Code Blue – T.S.O.L.
Because @roguecomedy says Lois is hot enough for it

Bustin’ Loose – Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers
Because Lois is BUSTIN’ OUT!!

Get the Funk Out of Ma face – The Brothers Johnson
Something we’ll be saying once Lois blooms

O.M.G. – Usher
Something we’ll all be saying the second we enter the building…Oh my god….

God Made Me Funky – HeadHunters
Only G-O-D could’ve created something this funky and cool

I’m Comin’ Out – Diana Ross
Guess who’s comin out!!

Hangin on a String – Loose Ends
Because @tweetJbtweet really really wanted it and even visited @corpzflowrlois super late just to tell her personally!

Take Me Higher – Mischa Daniels
Lois is gonna take you higher…once you get a whiff of her good parts

Dead Skunk – Louden Wainwright III
Because @snakecharmers hearts this song like nobody’s bidness!

Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Because @meghanchall is going to teach you lamaz and hopes this song’ll do it!

Special thanks to all the great tweeters who shared song choices!!
@roguecomedy, @dellis777, @snakecharmers, @allison326, @etee, @mattbramanti, @babsthemom, @kitdog, @meghanchall, @tweetjbtweet, @michaelsshow

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the lyrics for some of the songs on this list are not family-friendly.

7.13.10 Amorphophallus titanum [10 am]
C’mon Lois! You can’t rock like that!

UPDATE: As Lois continues to defy expectations (read: she’s getting ready to bloom – but moving very, very slowly) her playlist continues to grow! Justin (@JVConcep) – the brains behind the development of this playlist for Lois – got these extra submissions via Twitter and wanted to share!

Super Freak – Rick James
Title says it all.  Requested by @MaryBenton, and we all know there’s something about Mary… She’s a…She’s a… reporter from channel 2 and I’m NOT looking to get defriended by her! Still waiting on @isiahcarey @miyashay and @alexsanz to submit their requests!! Someone send them a note!

Time Won’t Let Me – The Outsiders
@stephsparkle says this is the song Zac would dedicate. You gotta love the hair (in the video at the link) and you know we all love Zac for tending to Lois!

Stand and Deliver – Adam Ant
Suggested by @coconutwireless. Lois is standing tall, not quite Yao Ming, but will she deliver?? Hmmmm!

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
Because Lois has spirit and @ncibrooke and @mgengelbach are ready to smell it!

Da Funk – Daft Punk
Suggested by @allison326 because she wants to see Lois pop and lock and drop it like it’s hot while blooming.

Ultra Funk – Los Amigos Invisibles
Because Lois is an ‘international kinda flower.’ She attracts all kinds of FUNK! No discrimination here!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted titles for Lois’ playlist! These updated songs were suggested by: @marybenton, @stephsparkle, @ncibrooke, @mgengelbach, @allison326

7.20.10 Amorphophallus titanum
An updated photo for an updated playlist!
Lois continues to develop. You can see a full set
of photos of her growth on Flickr.
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Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

15 responses to “Funky Town! A Playlist for our Favorite Stinky Plant”

  1. marie says:


    Does Zac plan on pollinating Lois?


  2. AnnaMaria says:

    Hey make t-shirts that say, “I smell dead people @ HMNS”with a picture of a corpse flower.

  3. ShannAn Lawson says:

    HAHAH Dead Skunk is my favorite, it is one of my Daddy’s favorite songs. 🙂 I am excited to see what she looks like today! Hurry and post some pictures!

  4. Erin F says:

    Hi Marie,

    We do not plan to pollinate Lois, since that would cause the flower to close up right away – we want it to be open for as many people to see her as possible!

  5. Nick K says:

    I just wanted to inform you, in case you cared, that the song Code Blue by T.S.O.L. has subject matter that may not be deemed appropriate for the scientific community or the community at large even. I personally love the song, and think it’s a fitting choice. However, it is NSFW…or children for that matter.

  6. @AnnaMaria’s comment WINS best comment of the day 😉 As an ex-Houstonian who found out about Lois from Karen Walrond’s blog ( I’d absolutely get one of those shirts 🙂

  7. Erin F says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the heads up – I’m going to update the post to make sure everyone understands that the lyrics may not be kid-friendly!

  8. momazilla says:

    Am I the only one getting flashbacks to the “Little Shop of Horrors”?

  9. Vanessa says:

    Has she bloomed already?…no more updates.

  10. Bobbiejean says:

    I know the smell can last 8-12 hrs, but does the smell only come out once it is fully open? And how long does the opening process/blooming take?
    Thanks! Bobbiejean

  11. Erin F says:

    Hi Bobbiejean,

    Form what we understand from other botanical gardens that have had a corpse flower bloom, the smell begins as soon as the flower starts to open up and lasts for 8 – 12 hours. The open process takes 4 – 6 hours.

  12. Erin F says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Not yet! We hope today…but we’ve been saying that for a week! Lois has been very unpredictable, even for a corpseflower! We’re also posting regular updates on and

  13. Larry says:

    What? No “Love Stinks”? It could be sung as Lois Stinks!

  14. ShannAn Lawson says:

    Okay, I am going insane here!!!! I am hoping she bloomed over night. I am waiting for the updates on the stanky thang. You know, I looked up with the scientific name meant… and WOW… poor whales… haha!

  15. Nancy English says:

    Tonight’s The Night by Rod Stewart might be appropriate!

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