Corpse Flower Watch: Day 9

As of 10 a.m. this morning Lois is 60 inches tall. Since yesterday she has grown three inches, and her spathe has turned from a pale to a deep purple. Her outer bracts have begun to fall off, indicating that she should open very soon. Our predictions remain the same, we believe she will open either Saturday, July 10 or Sunday, July 11.

Date Height
July 1 31″
July 2 34″
July 3 37″
July 4 41″
July 5 45″
July 6 49″
July 7 53″
July 8 57″
July 9 60″

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About Zac

Zac joined the museum in January after returning to Houston from a stint studying plants in Hawaii. He is the full-time horticulturist for the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and is in charge of daily maintenance and design for the rainforest exhibit. Zac specializes in tropical plants, particularly epiphytes, and his duties in the rainforest range from feeding all of the plants and animals to hand pollinating some of the tropical fruits, such as vanilla and cacao.

8 thoughts on “Corpse Flower Watch: Day 9

  1. 2 COOL! My 5 year old son is so excited! He wants 2 smell it! EEEWW!! C U @ HMNS Butterfly Center.

  2. Will there be a possibility a web cam will be in place to record the bloom?

  3. Hi David! We’re working on that right now! Should have a link shortly and will post it here.

  4. WOW, this is one of the most amazing precious “stinky” miracle I have ever seen!!!! I cannot wait to see her in full bloom. I will keep my distance and let my kids watch the webcam though… *giggle* I hear this flower can literally knock people out with her smell!! This is soooo exciting guys!!!!!!!! You should be very proud!!!!!

    Unfortunately I cannot see the webcam. Is there a known issue?

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