Corpse Flower Watch: Day 8

Lois has grown another 4 inches since yesterday, putting her at an astounding 57 inches. Her outer spathe continues to turn purple at the tips, a sign that blooming will occur in the next few days. We are staying with our current prediction that she will be in full bloom sometime this weekend.

Date           Height
July 1   31″
July 2   34″
July 3   37″
July 4   41″
July 5   45″
July 6   49″
July 7   53″
July 8   57″

Can’t see the video? Click here to view.

Horticulturalist Zac Stayton documents the corpse flower’s growth.
He measures it every day at 10 a.m. to see how fast the plant is
developing. When the growth slows – to 2 inches or less per day –
we will know that the flower is getting ready to bloom.

Our Corpse Flower is in the News!
Check out Channel 2’s coverage from last night.
See us in the Houston Chronicle online at

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About Zac

Zac joined the museum in January after returning to Houston from a stint studying plants in Hawaii. He is the full-time horticulturist for the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and is in charge of daily maintenance and design for the rainforest exhibit. Zac specializes in tropical plants, particularly epiphytes, and his duties in the rainforest range from feeding all of the plants and animals to hand pollinating some of the tropical fruits, such as vanilla and cacao.

5 thoughts on “Corpse Flower Watch: Day 8

  1. Yes! We started one up last night and we’re also going to have a webcam on it for the bloom. We’ll be posting the link here when it’s ready!

  2. This is fasciniating. Love the blogs about Lois! Can’t wait to see her at her finest. Keep up the good work! Any chance you’ll ever get a rafleesia? South east Asia has the coolest plants!

  3. My son & I eagerly awaiting the webcam & the daily measurement update 4 today. Mother nature @ her coolest!

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