Corpse Flower Watch: Day 14 & 15

7.15.10 Amorphophallus titanum] 10 am
Catch up on all the latest Lois pics in our Flickr set.

Phew! (No pun intended.) Things are cuh-raaaazy here at HMNS! We didn’t have a chance to update the blog with Lois’ progress yesterday, but hopefully, you’ve been following the Museum’s Twitter feed, Facebook page and Flickr set for the latest updates.

When we measured Lois this morning, we were surprised to see that she has grown another 0.25 inches. Yesterday, there was no growth at all, so we thought growth was totally stopped. Additionally, her circumference increased to 37.5 inches – an increase of 0.5 inches since yesterday.

Her outer foliage is getting increasingly wavy and separated from the central spadix – but she won’t start officially blooming until that top part comes away from the middle. And we just don’t know when that will happen. Lois has been notoriously unpredictable – even for a corpse flower!

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