An Ode to Lois: Corpse Flower Haiku

July 16, 2010

It all started with @mollyblock, who tweeted:

Precious #CorpseFlower / You tease; we buy more tickets / Bloom today, Lois? #haiku

And with that, we were off – more than 40 haikus about Lois have been tweeted so far. We love any mashup of science and art – which range from tribute to her coming smell to entreaties to BLOOM already. As always, we’re in awe of your creativity, passion and senses of humor! We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

@ThatEricMiller:  Stinky stinky eww! / Ask what can a flower do? / Sometimes, dreams come true.

@DivergenceDiva: Unfold your petals/Seize us with your scented dreams/Await your death stench

@pixeltopia:  See the purple fringe / I am Diva hear me roar / Olfactory bliss

@LetsTweetItOut: Oh, Lois you tease / With all the crowds, you should please / just bloom already

@mollyblock: Dear Cockrell family / rename Butterfly Center / after Lois, yes?

@divamover: Viewers near and far / curse the #corpseflower webcam / they miss the #funkwatch.

@megsalice: No splenda for Lois/She needs to be in best shape/When she does debut

@TX_biker: Lois Oh Lois, your bloom, my does it smell bad, I will still visit

@sarolabelle: oh dear Corpse Flower / I love you yet I am sad / I must wait longer

@divamover: Flower? Deflower?/De flower is a teaser/Pictures. Webcam.

@DelDryden: Lois I see you/ but I cannot yet smell you/ are you shy? Or COY?

@bhope1122: A true beauty smells / Like a booty from the morgue / Love thy stench madly

@stephsparkle: Lois, sassy flower/ Distracts me from work daily/ Petals for Zac only

@stephsparkle: Twitter flirt Lois/ Not Planning on Blooming till/ Ulysses finished

@ChelseaHunt13: Zac is a cutie/ the flower smells like booty/ when will Lois bloom?

@winohamster: Stinky corpse flower/Enjoys teasing everyone/Not ready to bloom

@vega_lyra: Shrouded lady / Your worshippers gather / Ready to receive Your gift

@edlooby: Anticipation/ Is Lois out of odor?/ Show us your bloomer!

@etee: Houston’s #corpseflower / smell like a rose it does not / More like old roadkill.

@leadasbestos: Beautiful perfume/amorphophallic amour/for a dung beetle

@keithrselassie: Summer smells entomb \ Our thick Houston air tonight — \ Bones and flesh will crawl.

@etee: Before she’ll open / #corpseflower needs privacy / I think she’s just shy

@etee: If #corpseflower won’t / open up for us, can we / make a fresh salad?

@cdallred: Lois your beauty’s still inside and yet your visage is exquisite.

@angiebaby09: lois lois what a beautifil bloom/please excuse me while i leave the room

@mollyblock: #CorpseFlower Lois / we’ve made a stink over you / return the favor?

@angiebaby09: my lovely lois is that u i smell?/dont worry i wont tell

@krisbanks: Deny me your stank/Futile wait for the purple/Why you such a tease?

@sarahlcrowder: The diva slowly / Unfurls green to purple, her / Time lapse strip tease act.

@mollyblock: what’s the stink about? / still-imminent flowering / your full-bodied air

@divamover: I’m ambivalent./ To smell, or not to smell? Let’s/see and smell tonight

@christinglish: We KNEW about sex. / But Lois shows marketers: / “Putrefaction sells.”

@sarahlcrowder: Mortality faced / In full bloom, we smell the grave / Within the flower.

@sarahlcrowder: The Hoi polloi queue / For a glimpse of rare, reeking / Blossoming beauty.

@mollyblock: Museum “branding” / Lois-inspired gift shop / fragrance product sales

@sarahlcrowder: Mortality faced / In full bloom, we smell the grave / Within the flower.

@leadasbestos: Rare earthly delights/We stroll among butterflies/What’s that smell?

@epikwhite: Archaeopteryx / Just cannot compare to a / Blooming corpseflower.

@edlooby: Beauty lies in eyes/ but the nose knows a stinker./ Makes sense to Lois

@leadasbestos: Great and gorgeous but…/Did something die in you/ my little cabbage?

@stefunnykim: Lois, please grace us/With your foul inflorescence/Of purple and red

@stefunnykim: Lois, don’t be mean/You know you want to be seen/You’re our funky queen!

@divamover: Playing “hard to get:”/keeping your stink to yourself/yet we adore you!

@ThatEricMiller: Slowly Slowly Sweat / Dinos Aren’t The Only Treat / Blooming Can’t Be Beat

@emilywaugh: Oh stinky cabbage / Don’t bloom on Saturday! I / will be out of town

@cooda123: @dallred: Flower you are beautiful/ Lois CorpseFlower sublime/ as yet unfulfilled

@etherwar: My haiku is this / your stench is my sweet perfume / bloom and I will stop

UPDATE: From Nancy, the director of the Butterfly Center: Oh Lois, breathless | I await your scent, proof of | your fertility.

You can follow the conversation about Lois the Corpse Flower by following The Museum @hmns, Zac the horticulturalist @hortzac, Lois @CorpzFlowrLois* or by searching for #corpseflower. Or contribute your own haiku! Post in the comments, or tweet it with the hashtag #corpseflower.

7.14.10 Amorphophallus titanum [9 am]
Lois: our muse.
See a full set of photos of Lois on Flickr.

*warning: she’s hilarious but often not-family-friendly; this is not a museum account

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Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

13 responses to “An Ode to Lois: Corpse Flower Haiku”

  1. Carol Dallred says:

    Both of my haiku’s are included, yet one is credited to someone else because they re-posted.

    This would be: You are beautiful/ Lois the promise sublime/ as yet unfulfilled

  2. Ed Looby says:

    Nature calls to me / I extend my rotten leg / Knock me up beetles

  3. rwl says:

    where’s zac? i haven’t seen him all day. he’s doing such a great job with lois and the publicity! i’m looking forward to his next video explaining the new things happening with stinky-butt lois. she looks different on the webcam, but it’s hard to see details. also, it’s much better when zac points the changes out and explains.

  4. Erin F says:

    He’s actually writing a blog post *right now.* 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the videos! We’ll post another soon.

  5. Jannan Bland says:

    A Haiku for Lois, from an English teacher.

    I am devoted
    Afflicted with addiction
    Watching never ends

  6. This is unbelievable! I recently found out about the Corpse Flower and JUST LAST NITE decided to blog about her. My post was scripted as “Tongue in Cheek” humor pointing out that there are no songs for girls with the name LOIS (meaning Yours Truly.) To my utter surprise and amazement, I checked in on “Lois” today and found an Ode to Lois. I am speechless. 😛

    I invite you to check out my blog at and enjoy my quirky post about Amorphophallus titanumi Corpse Flower “Lois” and, hey . . . thanks a bunch, Kelsey! =)

  7. Christine Portillo says:

    Here’s the #seussrocks haiku (first tweeted 14, 4:28p). Thanks for the “loved it” love!

    Lois, meet the Grinch. / He’s a rotter, just like you!/ Three words: stink, stank, stunk.

    And here are the witty lyrics to that classic tune, Mr. Grinch:

  8. Sherri Seville says:

    Just found out about Lois Thursday. I am very intrigued and cannot stop watching the webcam and getting updates, thank you very much Zak. Can’t wait to see her this evening. Here’s my poem to this magnificent girl, not a true haiku, but not many of them are, so here I go.

    Sumatran beauty Lois, Beguiling with your odiferious prowess, Bloom for us

  9. Sherri Seville says:

    OK, i reworked it with true haiku rules and it’s not as good.

    Tall sultry Sumatran beauty Lois, With odiferious prowess you are just beguiling, Spread your petals won’t you


  10. AugustS says:

    A Haiku from an eleven year old fan!

    Rather eat my shoe
    Then come smell you corpseflower
    But mom WANTS to go

  11. Elaine Hill says:

    We have two! The first one is from last week, when everyone thought Lois would bloom:

    Blooming day arrives! / Not quite ready. Not today. / Still waiting, Lois!

    And in a different mood, after she actually did open up:

    Blooming day arrives / Purple spathe unfolds gently / Reveals scent of death

  12. Emily says:

    Would love to see a pamphlet or something with all of the Lois haiku in it.

    Also, any way to have a picture from the top of the flower looking into it?

    The Museum staff and volunteers have been wonderful! I’ll keep watching til you take it down! Maybe one last visit.

    Lois, Slois, Clois….

    Beauty comes, Odor comes

    Photo saves, Stink goes

  13. Erin F says:

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for your haiku! Zac got some photos looking down into the plant, we just haven’t had a chance to post them yet. Coming soon!

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