A Song for Lois [Corpse Flower]

Many of you that are watching the Corpse Flower webcam have noted the periodic appearance of a girl with a guitar, and wondered what, exactly, was going on. Sadly, the webcam doesn’t have audio, so you’ve missed the heartfelt and very clever song that Kelsey Williams, one of our summer Moran Ecoteen volunteers, composed in Lois’ honor.

Well, we couldn’t let you miss out entirely. So, here’s a video from the inaugural performance of “Ode to Lois.” Lyrics are below!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Ode to Lois
Written and performed by Kelsey Williams

Get up extra early, just to see
That totally epic flower that’s taller than you or me
She sits in the Butterfly Center at HMNS
When she blooms you’ll smell her from a half mile radius
Oh, lois. Come on and let your corpse-smell flow-is.
Open up your petals ans show us.
Cuze we’ve been waiting one whole week
Runnin up flights of stairs to get a peek
Of Lois. Come on and let your corpse-smell flow-is.
Tunnin out of words that rhyme with Lois.
La la la la la la la la grow for us.

hurry up and bloom, alright? Or else they’re gonna start a fight
Ciz they’ve been waiting a while in line, to get a glimpse for which they pine
Of everybody’s favorite plant
Thanks for putting up with my rant
And thanks most of all, to Lois!

Lois is quite a muse! in addition to inspiring this song, she’s also inspired more than 3 dozen haiku! Watch her on our Corpse Flower webcam any time – and she if she inspires you, too.

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12 thoughts on “A Song for Lois [Corpse Flower]

  1. That’s some pretty aggressive guitar playing there. Or maybe it’s just the mic is right there on the guitar.

  2. AAAHHH!!!! I’m on the internet! This is exciting. 🙂
    @Mike: It’s just me playing enthusiastically. And loudly. It’s what I do. Haha

  3. Thanks Kelsey and friends. Creative lyrics delivered with enthusiasm, style, and a smile! We all know the Moran Ecoteens ROCK!!!

  4. We loved the Ode to Lois!! It was very cute and clever. We had no idea Lois was such a big deal. But we are having fun watching her grow on the webcam. Was it found as a seed or a plant, and how did it come to be in the musuem? We’re looking forward to seeing her in person! We love Lois.

  5. Hey, Kelsey – I’m your cousin in Bay City. Cool to see you here! Good job! You must get your musical talent from your grandmother – my first piano teacher. Go, Kelsey!

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