Magic! Spotlight: Magician Curt Miller

Today’s guest blogger is Curt Miller, a professional magician who will be performing his two-hour theatrical illusion show at The Hobby Center for The Performing Arts on May 28-19, 2010.  This is the largest magic show to appear in Houston in over twelve years.  He will also appear in the HMNS Magic! exhibit August 16-29. Click here to view showtimes.

Step through the portal...
Enter the illusion in Magic! at HMNS. Magician Curt Miller
will be performing live in the exhibition Aug. 16 – 29.

I’m a professional magician, and it’s one of the greatest jobs in the world.  Every night, I meet new and interesting people, and I get to bring a little joy, laughter and amazement to their lives.  The art of magic is universally appealing; people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds appreciate it. I find it fascinating to look into my audience and see a five-year-old and a corporate executive both equally enjoying the show!  I’m spoiled with my job because I know before I walk onstage that the audience is going to have a great time.  It’s not so much because of me; there’s just something really appealing about watching someone do the impossible; especially when it is presented in a fun and entertaining way.  About twenty years ago, I coined the tagline “Magic plus Comedy equals Entertainment,” and I still believe that today.

I started performing magic when I was 11 years old and I had business cards when I was 13.  Back then I dreamed of someday having a large theatrical Illusion Show in the tradition of the Great Blackstone, Thurston and Doug Henning.  Realizing this dream, of course, was incredibly difficult, and it took over 30 years!  Thousands of dollars were spent on props.  Assistants had to be hired and trained, a theatre director was hired to take the show to a higher level and endless rehearsals were scheduled.  It was all well worth it though, and I’m very proud of the show we’ve created.  I have an absolute blast each and every time we perform it.  I get to make people appear, disappear, float in mid-air….how cool is that?!

To keep my passion for being a magician, I am always working on new and wonderful illusions.   At our upcoming Houston show at The Hobby Center for The Performing Arts (May 28-29), I am debuting an original illusion that’s been in development for several years.  Inventing new magic is a real challenge as so many great illusions have been created in the great history of magic.  My new illusion is a twist on a classic.  It’s called “The Miller Self-Sawing.”  That’s right, I am going to saw myself in half!  It looks amazing, and I’m really proud of it.  Hey, worst case scenario I can be in two places at once!  I hope to present this illusion at my appearance at HMNS in August as well.

By the way, I am often asked if I can make a person’s husband, wife or kids disappear.  I am pleased to announce my Summer 2010 Special:  for every relative I make disappear, you get the second relative absolutely free!

How much do you know about magic? It’s time to see through the illusion! The Magic! exhibit is now open at HMNS; check out a preview of what’s in store at the video below. Throughout the run of the exhibit, check back here for exclusive videos and descriptions of the unique items on display

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