Magic: The Science of Wonder [12 Days of HMNS]

Today is the Eleventh Day of HMNS! In the spirit of the classic holiday carol, we’re taking 12 days to feature 12 different videos that preview or go behind-the-scenes of a holiday museum activity, here on the blog (or, you can get a sneak peek at all the videos on – we won’t tell).

The holidays are a magical time – now, that feeling can last into the new year, thanks to our upcoming exhibition Magic: The Science of Wonder.

Presenting an array of artifacts connected with legendary performers of the past and present, such as Harry Houdini; Harry Blackstone; Doug Henning; and Penn & Teller, the exhibition will also feature film and video clips of famous magicians, as well as guest illusionists performing live. In addition, the “University of Magic” inside the exhibition encourages visitors to learn a magic trick of their own.

This extraordinary show examines how science and magic are intertwined, tapping into our universal desire to know “How does that work?” In this special clip, presented by our guest curator Scott Cervine, see if you can figure out his illusory feat of wonder.

Need to catch up?

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The Tenth Day of HMNS – Discover: HMNS at Sugar Land

Get into the holiday spirit! Visit our 12 Days of HMNS web site to see the videos and get more information about each event, exhibit and film:

Happy Holidays!

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