Investigate: The Star of Bethlehem [12 Days of HMNS]

Today is the Fourth Day of HMNS! In the spirit of the classic holiday carol, we’re taking 12 days to feature 12 different videos that preview or go behind-the-scenes of a holiday museum activity, here on the blog (or, you can get a sneak peek at all the videos on – we won’t tell).

It’s one of the most famous stories ever told – yet we’re still unsure what type of celestial event started the Wise Men on their journey. The Burke Baker Planetarium offers new insight in the search for the legendary holiday star in The Star of Bethlehem. Who were the wise men? What did they see in the sky that inspired their journey? Were there just three? Did they come from Persia, Babylon or Ethiopia? Is December 25 Jesus’ real birthday?

In this film, viewers investigate the real story of the Christmas Star through recent discoveries in archaeoastronomy. Examine the night sky of 2000 years ago to look for clues to the nature of the celestial event that sparked one of history’s most famous journeys. Discover what this event might have been and how it could have guided the wise men to Jerusalem and on to Bethlehem.

Click play to get a sneak peek into the science of archaeoastronomy with Carolyn Sumners, VP of Astronomy and the Physical Sciences.

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Get into the holiday spirit! Visit our 12 Days of HMNS web site to see the videos and get more information about each event, exhibit and film:

Happy Holidays!

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