HMNS in TV Land – This Sunday!

Your favorite museum is all over the dial this weekend. Check out our curators and exhibits featured Sunday!

Clash of the Dinosaurs! on Discovery Channel
Sunday, 8 p.m. E/P (check your local listings)

This four-part series starts Sunday night and features extensive interviews with our visiting curator of paleontology (and BEYONDbones blogger) Dr. Robert Bakker!

I think we can all agree – dinosaurs are awesome. And this special uses “cinematic photo-real 3D graphics” that take you inside “nature’s perfect predator.” It looks pretty amazing – check out a quick preview below, and don’t miss the first two parts of the series this Sunday night!

Chainsaw Ice Sculptors on TLC
Sunday, 10 p.m. E/P

Back in August, Reverend Butter created 12 life size terra cotta warriors – plus horses, carriage and emperor – entirely out of ice for our VIP party. (Ice warriors!) It was AMAZING. And, did we mention? TLC cameras were there, capturing the whole process. And you can check it out this Sunday night when TLC’s Chainsaw Ice Sculptors airs!

Ice warriors
Ice warriors

Ice warriors

TLC has posted a preview of all their holiday specials here – Chainsaw Ice Sculptors is just one, but you can see a few clips in the video before Sunday. Don’t miss it!

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2 thoughts on “HMNS in TV Land – This Sunday!

  1. HOLY CRETACEOUS!!! Talk about AWESOME!! I am truly excited to see that things are going well for the HMNS!! Clash of the Dinosaurs is going to be great!!

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