Find Fun Fossils at Dino Days 2009! This Saturday

dinoDaysJoin us Saturday, Nov. 7 for HMNS Dino Days, a family paleo festival that features fossil related activities and arts and crafts. Museum paleontologist Robert “Bob” Bakker will be on hand to answer any of your dinosaur questions.

This is a great chance for enthusiasts of all ages to come learn and discuss dinosaurs. We encourage you to bring in your own rocks, fossils, and other unique objects for identification. While you are here, take some time to help our volunteers sift through soil to recover bone fragments, teeth, and claws spanning 287 million years of natural history. Some of the Cretaceous age sediments you can sift through come from Texas and may contain fossilized shark teeth – and if so, finders keepers!

C. chubutensis 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: reed_flickr

So come join us this Saturday for an afternoon of dinosaur fun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The activities are included free with your museum admission.

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One thought on “Find Fun Fossils at Dino Days 2009! This Saturday

  1. I attended the Dino Days last year with a friend from Montana and really had a good time. I commend the organizers of this event. It ran smoothly and effeciently. Many children attended and I think every one had great momentos to take home. Dr Bob spent many hours drawing and educating youngsters about dinosaurs. Congrats and best wishes! Dixie Stordahl

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