They’re a Music Machine: Commercial Art at Mixers & Elixirs Friday!

Looking for a little variety in your life? Time warp through the decades at Mixers & Elixirs with Commercial Art. Have a swinging time as you go through the 40s. Enjoy some classic soul, 80s rock, a little Latin flavor and anything in between.


According to drummer and lead singer Robert Aguilar, Commercial Art was originally started in ’86.


“The band was originally started by a graduate from Houston’s High School for Visual and Performing Arts. They wanted a name that had the word art in it,” Aguilar said.


After playing together through multiple decades, Commercial Art’s music has evolved as the band members learn each other’s styles and abilities. Aguilar described the band as a school of fish.


“When one person makes a move, the rest of us follow. Our sound can transition as smoothly as a DJ’s can. We’re a music machine for dancing. Just as the band has gone on it has become more diverse,” Aguilar said.


mixers4Unlike playing at normal venues, this Southwest Soul Band said that playing at a museum was totally different – being under the dinosaurs is an experience that cannot be matched by anything else.


“It was so much fun! I felt like we were in the movie Night at the Museum!” Aguilar said.


Don’t miss this spectacular band as they take you on an unbelievable trip through the decades. You never know what tune you will hear next while you dance under the dinosaurs and enjoy drinks from our cash bar. You’ll be able to mingle in our Volkswagen Lounge starting at 6 p.m. before the action starts with Commercial Art at 7 p.m. Feel the funk, groove to the beat and lose yourself on the dance floor with the smartest party crowd in Houston.

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