Mighty Gorgosaurus, felled by…brain cancer? [Pete Larson]


This fabulous image of the Gorgosaur on display in
Dinosaur Mummy CSI by photine on Flickr.
(Photo used with permission)

And now, from the archives: a neat little video interview with paleontologist Pete Larson!

Pete was in town during the opening of our recent Dinosaur Mummy CSI: Cretaceous Science Investigation exhibition, which featured the mummified dinosaur fossil Leonardo. It also featured cast fossils of several other Cretaceous beasts – like Triceratops, Struthiomimus, Nodosaur – and Gorgosaurus.

As Pete explains in the video below, this particular Gorgosaurus was particularly interesting due to the number of severe injuries it sustained in life – and the fact that it live long enough for them to heal, showing scar tissue and unusual bone growth.

What Pete and his team from the Black Hills Institute uncovered when they were casting the original fossil is perhaps the most surprising – this Gorgosaur may have had brain cancer. Check it out in this video:

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One thought on “Mighty Gorgosaurus, felled by…brain cancer? [Pete Larson]

  1. HOLY CRETACEOUS!!!!!! A Tumor?! WOW!!! THAT is one Fantastic specimen of Gorgosaurus!! o_O I was hoping to get down there to see it this summer, but, sadly, I missed it by several weeks. 🙁 I was hoping to get another good look at “Leo” and NOW I wish I could have gone so I could even see that Gorgosaurus specimen! I’m really surprised and disappointed.

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