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Lucy’s Legacy, an exhibition featuring the world’s most famous fossil, recently opened at Discovery Times Square Exposition in Times Square, New York. The exhibit will remain on display until October 25, 2009.

The Lucy exhibit has been an exciting catalyst for discovery, discussion, and debate within the scientific community. In this series of blogs, Dirk presents all sides of the controversy surrounding Lucy’s existence and significance while skillfully separating fact from fiction with supporting evidence and research.
Do you enjoy debate about scientific theories or issues? If so, prepare yourself for a great read while perusing the following blogs by Dirk. In addition to his perspective and logic, Dirk also provides links to research and evidence that will leave you on the edge of your seat…and excited about evolution!

In fide constans… Always loyal [Lucy’s Legacy]     
Neanderthal Controversy
A Letter From Lucy: Making no bones about it. (Pun intended)
Lucy loves Houston – and she’s not leaving. Yet.
If Humans came from monkeys, than why are monkeys still around?
 Neanderthals—most people know what they were, but do we know who they were or how they lived? Join Dirk as he discusses these unique people and their lifestyle.

Neanderthal Controversy 
Neanderthals on the move
Neanderthals Speak Out

Why are genetics important in the development of humans? More than just appearance, genetics play a role in where we live and even how we survive. In the following blogs, Dirk explores where genetics has contributed to history and evolution. 

Neanderthals on the move
We are all mutants
10,000 BC: The story behind the date
A major step forward – 40,000 years ago

s-legacy-exhibitSure, they’re adorable and entertaining to observe but chimps and monkeys offer far more than that! They provide valuable information about human behavior and progress. Follow-up with these blogs and read Dirk’s presentation of our connection to these magnificent animals.

Chimps using tools: Archaeology’s most fascinating discovery of 2007
The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far from the Tree
Monkey business
If Humans came from monkeys, than why are monkeys still around?
The study of fossilized remains (like Lucy and other hominids) offers an exciting opportunity to draw parallels on our own existence and physicality. What did they look like and how did they live? Dirk has explored these questions in the following blogs:

Discovering behavior: a step-by-step process
Reconstructing ancient hominid behavior
Lucy’s kitties
Paleoanthropology: making the past come alive.
Extinction doesn’t mean failure

If you ask a fossil to share the secrets it holds, it will provide invaluable information and insight into the past. But how can we piece the puzzle together? Dirk explains the wisdom of what happens when fossils meet modern technology…and dating begins (pun intended).

How do we know: dating techniques
Meet Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis. (What’s in a name?)
Teeth Tell Tales
Want to find out more about Lucy’s home, Ethiopia? Click below and discover a wealth of history, culture and tradition.

Timkat, an Ethiopian Epiphany celebration
The Ark of the Covenant and Aksum

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15 thoughts on “Explore Evolution with Lucy’s Legacy

  1. Do you know where Lucy will be going after its stop in New York City on October 25?

    I am a science teacher in North Andover, Massachusetts, and would love to see the exhibit come to Boston!

    Please let me know!

    Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Peg! We haven’t announced the next venue yet, but when we do, we will definitely post it here. Thanks for reading!

  3. I don’t want to miss “Lucy”! I also am a science teacher and desperately want to know where the next exhibit will be …… or if I should spend the $$$$$ and go to New York before Oct. 25.

    Please let me know about any plans for extending the New York exhibit or if and where there will be another stop for this exhibit.

    Thank you for your time.

    Betty from San Diego

  4. Hi Betty! Thanks for your interest in Lucy – we will definitely post information as soon as the next venue is confirmed. Hopefully soon! Thanks for reading!

  5. Since the Lucy exhibit will close next week in New York City, is there any news if she will be displayed elsewhere or go back to Ethiopia?

  6. Hi Elizabeth and Michelle,

    After the exhibit closes in NY, Lucy will head back to Houston while final arrangements are made for her next tour stop. We’ll definitely post that news here when it’s finalized. Thanks for reading!

  7. I’ve missed the Lucy Exhibition, and am anxious to know where it will be next. Washington, DC? Also, will you have a Lucy Exhibition DVD on sale? I’ve disappointed several persons I had promised to take to see the exhibition, and would like to make it up to them. Thanks for your prompt response.

  8. Hi Deon,

    We’re still not ready to post information on the next venue – but we will definitely post that news here when it’s finalized. There is no DVD available of the exhibition at this time. Thanks for reading!

  9. So, we are coming up on one year out after the NYC exhibition ended. What are the chances for another venue? Or is Lucy already back in Ethiopia? The web is utterly void of any information at this point.

  10. We had planned to exhibit Lucy overseas last year, but logistics did not work out with that venue. We’re currently in negotiations with a US venue to host the Lucy exhibition and will definitely post details when they are finalized.

  11. Will Lucy be exhibited on the west coast of the United States? Also, where will the next venue be?

  12. Hi Vicki,

    We do not have confirmed information about future venues available. When we do, we will definitely post that information here on the blog. Thanks for reading!

  13. Could you please tell me what happened to Lucy? Is she still in the United States, or has she gone back to Ethiopia? Please give us an update. Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Peg,

    Lucy will actually be on display at the Bowers Museum in California beginning this Friday! After her run there, she will return to Ethiopia.


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