Dead Reckoning

UPDATE: The cache is still hidden – More clues can be found on our new blog post.

For the month of July, I have hidden another geocache near the Museum. To nurture the “inner pirate” of our readers,  it is a treasure – a vial of cut and polished colored gem stones. Additionally if you produce the vial at Museum Services (ask them to contact you will receive Museum passes and admission to The Nature of Diamonds exhibit. 

The first step is to find the GPS coordinates listed below. Once you have found this spot,  a compass is needed to steer a course of 084 degrees magnetic.  The number of paces is equal to the automobile license plate prefix for my hometown of Tuscaloosa,  Alabama. (That’s  a bit of trivia that will require an Internet search.)

 Good Luck.

N 29 degress 43′ 16.7″
W 95 degrees 23′ 20.5″

The usual rules regarding geocaching apply: no digging, dismantling or destruction is necessary, nor is there any trespassing or climbing involved.

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5 thoughts on “Dead Reckoning

  1. Attempted, failed.

    There were a bunch of families picnic-ing around the spot–I suspect it might have been picked up inadvertently, or I was simply beaten to it.

  2. We searched high and low but could not find the cache. Dixie finally said I had to give it up and go home. We searched a pretty wide area and looked in all the usual hiding places. We sure hope it isn’t gone and we just overlooked it. Good luck to the next person to give it a try.

  3. Hi Daniel, Ralph & Dixie,

    It’s definitely still there! But, we might need to make an addition to the clues to make it more find-able…we’re working on it now and we’ll post that as soon as we can!

    Thanks for participating!

  4. Well, we gave it a go today and came up empty too. I’d talked to Ralph and Dixie yesterday and thought I would try expanding on the area they searched, but still had no luck. We probably looked for 20 minutes and checked every common (and a few uncommon) hiding spots for a geocache. Narrowing down the search area depends on your definition of a “pace” — described in different places as either one or two average adult steps, or somewhere between 30″ and 60″.

    After striking out on the cache, we did go inside and made a day of it, touring the Terracotta Warriors exhibit and the Diamonds exhibit, then taking in A Night at the Museum II in the IMAX Theater!

  5. The so called HMNS “Geocache” treasure hunt was found Thursday by a couple with their regular name – David & Kelly, not their GC name. I wonder who they are. Does anyone know them?

    The cache/container was taped to the bottom of a concrete bench right near the revolving globe. The bench was placed in honor of a Patricia Louise Weltham thus the final clue “PLW”

    The final coords were as best I can lock on to were N29 43.317 W95 23.416. I never could find the starting WP – something that to do with “CW” marking.

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