Dead Reckoning: Part 2 of our Geocache Adventure

UPDATE: We have recieved comments from several of our treasure hunters asking whether the treasure had already been claimed. When we went to check on it – still there! – we realized a some additional information might be necessary – as well as a new (clearer) starting point. If you’re planning to try again (or for the first time) start here:

N 29 degrees, 43″ 18.5′
W 95 degrees, 23″ 25.5′

Everything else is still the same. Once you reach this starting location plot a course of 084 degrees magnetic, and take a number of paces equal to the license plate prefix of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Keep in mind that people have different length strides, but this should put you within a few feet of the hidden treasure. Also, should there be any bushes or trees in your path as you walk the paces, simply sidestep them for a few steps, you can still get to the end location without trampling anything.

Your big hint is PLW.

Good hunting!

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Steven never dreamed his first job out of college would be in public relations, and on top of that working for one of the top museums in the country. After all, he majored in History at Vassar College. Within three months of graduation, he landed a spot in the PR department and has not looked back since. He is fast becoming a communications fanatic, spending a tremendous amount of his time promoting the museum and all it has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Dead Reckoning: Part 2 of our Geocache Adventure

  1. OK, I looked at these new starting coordinates (that are 475′ from the previous starting point) on Google Earth and they appear to be SW of the Museum Building, near the big rock globe that floats on water. Doing the projection from there puts the cache inside the museum building.

  2. We tried this update but it looks like we would end up inside the museum. We will check our numbers and hope to keep trying.

  3. Our friend Donna S. told us about this on Tuesday. My wife and I couldn’t take our two boys there until Thursday afternoon. We worked our way to GZ and made the grab. Afterwords, we visited the Butterfly exhibit. We are saving the Diamond exhibit tickets for a day the boys have had a nap! Thanks for the fun excursion.

    Katy, TX

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