Up Close and Blurry

I love nature magazines. In fact, it would be accurate to say that I am addicted to nature magazines, even ones for the kiddies (their pictures are just too cute!) I enjoy those photo contests that seem to appear in them periodically. You know, where there is a close up of an animal or a plant and you are supposed to guess what it is. Well, I arrived at a Wildlife on Wheels program early and had my camera with me so I got a little shutter happy. If you haven’t tried those photo puzzles before, here is your chance. These are some of the photos I took along with a clue; see if you can guess which animal it is. Please be kind, I am not a photographer, just a novice with some time on my hands.


photo credit: cbattan

A toothy smile a mile wide,

lurking underwater I hide,

sneaking slowly toward a ‘beest,’

in Africa we love to feast.


photo credit: cbattan

Soft and downy I may be,

through Australian bush I speed,

I’ll get bigger just you wait,

at 6 feet tall my strides are great.


photo credit: cbattan

An extreme mammal to say the least,

upon termites and ants I feast,

unlike the others I lay eggs,

though for kisses no one begs.


photo credit: cbattan

Loud and raucous describes me well,

like most of my family I can tell,

bold and beautiful also apply,

it’s in the Amazon I’d rather fly.


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