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It’s time for some random factoids!!!

I am the type of person who is always looking to learn something new. Since I work in a museum and have a general thirst for knowledge, this usually happens on a daily basis! Because of this, I have ended up a veritable storehouse of somewhat useless facts. Here, I share a few of my favorites:

Electrons are cobalt blue.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Raphael Goetter

When first born, baby boys are more fragile than baby girls, despite being slightly larger. This is due to the hormone testosterone.

Starting in the 1920s, pink was generally associated with males because its base was red-a firm and masculine color. Blue was associated with girls because of its feminine and dainty qualities. This all changed in the 1940s when societal norms dictated they switch! (So, men, be proud. Wear pink.)

The following equation will be helpful for anyone familiar with the game ‘Flour Tower.’
[Flour + Sweat = Dough down your back]

Regular old shaving cream can strip dye from your hair.

Phone numbers are 7 digits long because that is about the number of things you can hold in your short term memory all at once.

Genghis Khan’s battle strategies are still taught at West Point today.

And finally,
Polydactyly, or extra digits, is a dominant trait in cats!

If these few tidbits haven’t quite sated your thirst for knowledge, come down to the Museum today and drink your fill of fun facts!

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