Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Creative Commons License photo credit: Andrew Mason

In a previous post, you learned a little about what it means to be a Museum employee and you got to know the Temples a little better. 

Now I would challenge you to get to know yourself a bit better.  The human body is an amazing thing and in honor of our special exhibit Body Worlds 2 and The Brain – Our Three Pound Gem I challenge you to play a quiz game based on the human body.  The format is very similar to a show on t.v. hosted by a certain Mr. Trebek, so you shouldn’t have trouble learning the rules!

Click on the link below to get started and, if you are interested in seeing Body Worlds 2 and The Brain – Our Three Pound Gem, don’t wait until closing weekend (the exhibit closes Feb. 22).  Tickets will be sold out!


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About Nicole

Nicole has worked for HMNS in some capacity since 1996, whether part-time, full-time or as a volunteer. She taught for seven years in public school, including four years in Fort Bend and a short stint overseas. While she never taught science, she was always the teacher called when someone needed to remove a swarm of bees, catch a snake in the playground, or get the bat off the ceiling of the cafeteria.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

  1. Good Morning, I would like to express my displeasement in your body works 2 set-up. I was surprised that before entering the designated area their was not a posting of prices. Yet their was a posting for the Buterfly portion. Nor was their a posting on the level were one as to pay. So one had to endure a waiting line of 30 to 40 people, only to get to the counter to find out the astronomical fees. Which was quite a shock ,$21.oo for children over 3. This leads one to think your system has no consideration for the less fortunate. Meaning how do you think that a family of 5 could afford it. For goodness sakes people don’t even know if their going to have ther jobs on mondays so they try to afford a family outting and can’t afford to eat the next week due to outrageous ticket prices. Then after waiting in the line for such along time to pay , you are to embrassed to not pay with everyone behind you looking and waiting on you. Not to mention the kids whom haven’t been patient during this time. I really feel bad for tourist whom did not see a sign either posted at the entrance way.Finally to conclude , those pamphlet were not worth keeping as memorbila,the ticket receipt was more of a memorbila for my families scrap book.I was ashamed to be a houstonian associated with that unclass act as that. This was a terrible.

  2. Hi Walter,

    I am very sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. First, I wanted to let you know that we are rectifying the signage surrounding the Body Worlds-specific entrance to more prominently inform visitors of the prices to see the exhibition. While the prices are posted at the Box Office, patrons who visit between 5 – 9 p.m. enter the Museum by a different route and therefore, do not necessarily see the posted prices. Thank you for pointing out this oversight – we are working now to have it taken care of.

    Please know that the Museum, like everyone else, faces steadily increasing costs in a declining economy – and that our ticket prices are set to reflect these costs. As a non-profit with a goal of educating and exciting as many people as possible about the wonders of the natural world, we always charge the minimum possible price that will allow the Museum to continue operating.

    I hope that you will e-mail me at – I would love to see if there is anything we can do to make your next experience with the Museum a good one.


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