On the Sixth Day of HMNS…hunt dinosaurs with Dr. Bob Bakker

There’s always a lot happening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science – especially during the holiday season. Today’s post is just one of the 12 ideas for fabulous family fun we’ve put together for you (it’s a take-off of everyone’s favorite holiday classic, The 12 Days of Christmas) We’ll be sharing the possibilities here every day until Christmas Eve. Best of all, most are activities that last past the holiday season – some, year round. You can also check them all out now at the spiffy new 12 Days of HMNS web site.

Today, hunt dinosaurs with famed paleontologist and HMNS curator of paleontology Dr. Robert Bakker. The video was shot in May 2008 on the ranch in Montana where Leonardo, the mummified dinosaur on display in Dinosaur Mummy CSI: Cretaceous Science Investigation, was found. Dr. Bakker tells us how a fossil like Leonardo was made, then takes us through the process of fossil hunting – from how to train your eye to find the smallest fragments to what to do once you’ve got a good layer of fossils going.

And – don’t miss Leonardo’s world premiere at HMNS! This spectacular mummified fossil – covered 90% with skin and including mummified internal organs – is going back to his permanent home in Malta after the exhibit closes on Jan. 11. Leonardo is truly a wonder – it evokes, more than any fossil I’ve ever seen, a real sense of what dinosaurs must have been like in life. You won’t want to miss seeing this in person.

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One thought on “On the Sixth Day of HMNS…hunt dinosaurs with Dr. Bob Bakker

  1. Dr. Bakker ,

    I agree with you that almost all dinosaurs- [if not all] disappeared long before the so-call big rock from space theory 100% .

    Over time most of these dinosaurs had evolved to different species or been wipe-out by a virus or bugs or just time itself. Fact.

    I am looking at the great horses that where here over 14,000 + to 13,000 years ago .

    Two issues I have with this . Missing Horses of America:

    One: The great ice age and small mini ice ages that could had push these horses down south.
    And number two: Is a virus may had wipe-out plus lack of food give enough time to recover..

    Just maybe like your dinosaurs ran into the same trouble as our late horses did on the North America great continent . The great Mammoth may had gone the same way . We will not know until the DNA samples and blood work come in from that was found inside of this Mammoth unfrozen as you should be up to date on this one.

    Sorry not too good of a writer .
    Than you for your time.

    Paul York

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