Evaluating Nuclear Energy

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lyndi&Jason

In the second part of her three-part series on energy alternatives, our Energy blogger, Claire, takes a look at nuclear power in The Good, The Bad, The Energetic – Part 2 today, a guest post over on the excellent Oil Rules blog. Here’s an excerpt from Part 1:

“The…election and rising gas prices have raised the topic of energy to a higher level of importance for most Americans. Whatever it takes to make us examine what is required to produce the energy we crave in this country is good because it causes us to consider our responsibilities to the world today and to future generations.

Since that post, the election has ended, and gas prices have dropped by half – showing just how volatile the energy market can be and underscoring the importance of creating a secure energy future. With that in mind, Claire’s Part 2 post establishes a framework which anyone might use to make an informed decision about energy alternatives – and tests it through the example of nuclear power.

Check out her first post – The Good, The Bad and the Energetic, and today’s – The Good, The Bad, The Energetic – Part 2.  

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