UPDATE: HMNS remains closed Sept. 17

Due to continued power outages, the Houston Museum of Natural Science will remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 17.

If you hold exhibition tickets that were scheduled during the closure, please call 713-639-4629 to reschedule your tickets once the Museum has reopened. For the latest information, please check back here or at www.hmns.org

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: HMNS remains closed Sept. 17

  1. Hey Erin, how are you guys doing over there? My parents are in Bellaire and I heard they just got power back, but there’s still a lot of people without. Wishing you guys well.

  2. Hi Shelley,

    We’re doing really well – we were pretty lucky. No damage to the museum, and most people are starting to get power back in the area, though there are some areas – mostly further north and further south – that are still pretty hard-hit. Thank you so much for your kind words – very much appreciated.

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