The Handsomes at Mixers, Elixirs & IMAX

From the most spectacular gemstones in the world to stampeding African zebra, you’re surrounded by natural beauty from the minute you walk through our doors. Even so, The Handsomes stand out. As if being voted Houston’s best pop/rock band by the Houston Press three years running isn’t enough – they have a sense of humor, too:

You can check out Kristin2Go‘s full post about her experience on the cowbells here. (And, in case you’ve been living at the bottom of the sea for the last decade, here’s the original.)

Still not convinced? Get another sneak preview of The Handsomes’ sound at their MySpace page.

Gas prices got you down? Text MEI to 777111 and get special Mixers, Elixirs & IMAX tickets offers straight to your cell phone. Hope to see you there!

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