Science Doesn’t Sleep (7.9.08)

Lego DNA
They probably used slightly
more sophisticated equipment.
Creative Commons License
photo credit: mknowle

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

Scientists have demonstrated that melanin can be preserved in fossils – meaning we might one day have actual proof of what color dinosaurs were.

Scientists in Japan have created artificial DNA.

One of the most intact wooly mammoths ever discovered was unveiled at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Gouges on its bones indicate human predators – about 1500 years before people were thought to have arrived in the Americas.

You may have bested us in chess, computers, but you’ll never take our music.

Meteorites don’t look like much, but the hold secrets that scientists are still working to unravel.

Octopus think partially with their arms. But, can they solve a Rubik’s Cube with them?

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