Science Doesn’t Sleep (7.10.08)

Resplendent Rings
Creative Commons License photo credit: ridingwithrobots

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

Digital cameras have eliminated that frustrating “whose thumb is that?!” feeling, but now – nanotechnology may make your photos even better.

You can stop worrying, one-way time machine inventors – there will be a Chili’s in the year 3,000. Along with most of your other favorite foods. At least, according to new research that notes surprisingly little evolution in our diets over hundreds of years.

You can see Saturn all over this month – in the skies, in an amazing photo that was chosen as Houstonist‘s Photo of the Day (taken at our very own George Observatory) and in this fascinating video from the Bad Astronomer.

Researchers at Brown University have discovered evidence of water on the Moon.

Eight natural and 19 cultural sites have been added to the World Heritage List

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2 thoughts on “Science Doesn’t Sleep (7.10.08)

  1. Wow! What a photo of Saturn and it’s rings. It is a remarkable shot. Good job!

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