Science Doesn’t Sleep (6.7.08)

Creative Commons License photo credit: kc0ngg

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! And, here’s what went down after you all logged off for the loooooong weekend.

Kids! Cornell University wants you to find and photograph lady bugs. Entomologists with the Lost Ladybug Project are documenting which species live where, in an effort to understand why native species are declining, while exotic species are on the rise.

The very first 2008 hurricane has developed in the Atlantic.

Ironically, using the sun to keep cool: Toyota announced that they will add solar panels to the Prius, which will be used to power the air conditioning.

Evolution is going strong – and might one day affect computers.

Thou shalt laugh: Shakespeare wasn’t the Renaissance’s only jokester – and this month, scientists are looking into the humor of the era.

Mars isn’t the only place NASA is studying at the moment – and they’ve just discovered water on Mercury.

Did you see Hancock this weekend? Well, did you think about this?

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