Science Doesn’t Sleep (6.23.08)

Creative Commons License photo credit: zionorbi

So here’s what went down since you logged off.

I think I prefer “gastropod mail.” A visual artist in the UK has put a snarky twist on the term “snail mail” by attaching computer chips to actual snails; your e-mail is delivered just as fast as your snail can make it across its tank.

They take the idea of “universal suffrage” literally. Scientists at NASA have developed a software that will allow astronauts aboard the International Space Station to cast their ballots from space.

It washes our clothes and refines 99% of our gasoline – yet we had no clue as to its chemical structure. Until now.

Space weddings. Yes, you read that right.

Touché, GEICO caveman: researchers have discovered tools in Britain that indicate Neanderthals were more sophisticated than we thought.

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