Weather forecast for Malta: 100% chance of rain

You could safely describe the climate of Malta, MT as dry, arid, thirsty, bone-dry, or any number of other synonyms for “no umbrella needed.” They get only 13 inches of rain per year, most of which typically falls in June. By comparison, Houston gets almost 50 inches of rain per year.
Turns out – this year, they’re getting most of their rain today. Which is an extremely good thing for the town and the local citizens, as they’re in the middle of an extreme drought cycle that is threatening cattle and crops. But it also make it very difficult to navigate dirt roads, climb up steep inclines or any other of the things you need to do to get to a paleontological site, and work on it.

So, we’ve been stuck inside all day, working on fossils at the Dinosaur Field Station (the local prep lab and fossil preservation facility) and getting ready to go when the weather does clear.

The people who own the property we are working on have offered the use of something called a “six-wheeler” to get out to the site, which sounds spectacularly dangerous. But when you’ve already done this:


you’ve pretty much conquered all fear. Well, I should say, they’ve conquered all fear. I was standing on the solid ground above, taking this picture. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out to the sites soon, so more on our adventures later!

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