Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.8.08)

Wall of water
Creative Commons License photo credit: fhemerick

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

Not really surprising for the country that introduced Hummers and the bottled water industry – but Greendex, a new measure on environmentally sustainable behavior, has ranked America last out of 14 countries.

Your mother was wrong – it does pay to be lazy. $5000 a month, to be exact. That’s how much NASA will give you to stay in bed all day.

Britain’s Astronomer Royal says we only have a 50% chance of making it through just the next century. That’s just one of the super-fun predictions in Daily Galaxy’s morning roundup of what’s going to get us – climate change or a man-made disaster?

Here in Houston, it just might be the giant sinkhole that’s opened up 60 miles from here. (Via)

Fewer than 40 Amur leopards are known to exist – making them the world’s rarest big cat. But National Geographic has captured new images of eight of them in the wild.

Yes, but can I get internet? Communications regulators in the UK are saying that a WiFi setup inside your body could be used to alert a hospital to your heart attack or other health emergency.

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One thought on “Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.8.08)

  1. OMG – Super-smart machines taking over the world. Yikes! I think that may be better than a super-virus!

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