Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.14.08)



Marching into Houston…in 2009.
Creative Commons License photo credit: mandiberg

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

It sounds psychedelic – but it’s probably even cooler-looking than that. Scientists have discovered that shrimp can see “a world invisible to all other animals.”

The world’s smallest helicopter – it literally looks like a set of propellers you attach to your head, or like a beanie that actually flies – is heading to Italy, to take flight from the place where da Vinci originally conceived of a vertical flight machine.

And, in other da Vinci news – builders in Abu Dhabi are working on the da Vinci Tower, a 68-story building with independently rotating floors. The shape of the building itself will be in constant flux. Check out the video here.

Divers in France’s Rhone River have found the oldest-known bust of Caesar – and they’re wondering, why did it get thrown there?

Well, I’m not very good at either, but a new study of mice indicates that eating less is better than moving more.

We didn’t mean to make you sad, BayouDawn – but we can’t get the Terra Cotta Warriors here until next year. To cheer us all up, though, BD does have a list of great exhibits you can see now in Houston.

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