Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.13.08)

Little brazilian monkey

Uh oh…I think he can see us.
Creative Commons License photo credit: betoinorge

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

Two things I am constantly impressed by: kids’ talent and Google’s genius. Put them together, and…Google asked students to develop a new logo around the theme “What if…?” It could illustrate whatever they were curious about – and lots of the finalists had some very scientific questions about the future, like, “What if I could make another sun?” So, check out these kids’ very cool art and vote for your favorite in each age group – the winners will appear on the Google homepage on May 22.

CritterCam isn’t the only way to safely and accurately observe wild animal behavior – scientists also use “camera traps” – which are placed in the wild and motion activated. They mostly take one image – but one scientists has rigged them to take a series of photos, which can be played as a short movie. It’s an amazing way to see what animals are like when we aren’t around.

NASA has found something really cool, specifically: “the discovery of an object in our galaxy that astronomers have been hunting for over 50 years.” Aliens? Bad Astronomer says no, and I’m inclined to agree – what do you think it is?

Would you volunteer to be struck by lightning?

And, don’t foget to let us know what YOU would ask a paleontologist. You ask the questions, we’ll get the answers.

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