Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.12.08)

Does this grass make my fins look fat?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jimmy theSuperStar

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

They don’t have a fashion industry, but even fish have body image problems.

In honor of this past Sunday’s holiday, Science Buzz has the best and worst places on Earth to be a mother. (And there are 26 of them that are better than here.)

President Hawking? Scientists are being trained to run for office.

National Geographic has photos of the 1000 tombs that were recently discovered in Colombia.

Nostradamus (and SciGuy) weigh in on the CERN controversy. Not surprisingly, they don’t agree.

It’s only because they’re not using AT&T to connect – but scientists say it’s cheaper to send information from the Hubble Telescope to Earth than it is to text someone in the next room.

Mental Floss wants to know: Have you ever smelled something in a dream?

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