Welcome to the HMNS Blog!

Hello, blogosphere!

As president of Houston’s science museum, I’m proud that we’ll be the first museum in Houston (of any kind) to have an official blog. If you’re visiting us today, you are on the ball – it’s our very first day as a blogseum (Blogducator? On blogxibit?).


Find out what it’s like to raise a tarantula, or what you’ll see if you look up at the stars this month. Get insider peeks into upcoming exhibits like Dinosaur Mummy CSI – featuring Leonardo, one of the world’s most spectacular mummified dinosaurs – as they are developed, through exclusive photos and video. Keep up with the latest science news and read special interviews and guest posts from the famous scientists and personalities who pass through our doors every day for lectures and special events.

We’re very excited to share, but most of all, we want to hear from you. What are you interested in, and what do you want to know? For that matter, what can you tell us? Houston is a high-tech city, and I hope we’ll hear from the multitude of science experts in our community.

Check it out – and let us know what you think by commenting. We have an entire team of bloggers representing every facet of the Museum – from astronomy to zoology – who are ready and waiting to hear from you.

We hope you’ll visit – and visit often – to find out what’s new in our world, and the world of science generally. Happy blogging!

PS – We’re joining a rich and inspirational community of local bloggers – you should really check some of these guys out.

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About Joel

Not only is Joel the President of the Museum, he’s also a curator. He has the rare distinction of having held almost every job here – including security guard, back before his museum career took him to distinguished posts all across the country. At HMNS, he built our outstanding collection of gems and minerals and the world-renowned Wiess Energy Hall before being appointed President in July 2004. Since, he’s brought us Lucy, Leonardo and…check back here for his updates on the next big things coming up.

One thought on “Welcome to the HMNS Blog!

  1. Can’t wait to read the HMNS brain candy 🙂

    You’ve got lots of great exhibits, people and projects to share so I know this will be a strong part of the Houston blogging community! Welcome!

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