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I am creating a mold of a Dinosaur Footprint

Hey!  Thanks for checking us out!  I’m Kat and I live in the basement of the HMNS.  That’s really not as weird as it sounds.  I’m  the Assistant Director of Youth Education and we all work in the basement here. 

To sum up my job (which is hard to do),  I would have to say that it is mostly getting to have fun with kids for a living.   I have been getting to do just that for the past 11 years as part of the HMNS team. 

One of the best parts of my job is writing the curriculum for summer camp.  We have been gearing up for camp for months now and we are almost ready for lift off. I’ve  been ordering tons of supplies for camp, which just happens to be one of the most exciting parts of getting ready.  We need some of the weirdest things, from BBQ flavored bug larva to a powder made from red cabbage (it saves us from making our own, P.U.!).  The larva are for eating and the cabbage powder is mixed with water and becomes an acid/base indicator, which means it turns different colors when exposed to acids or bases. 

To make sure I stay on top of things in the world of cool, I’ve been allowed to go on digs with David Temple, Dr. Bakker, and the whole Paleo-team from the Museum.  I can’t wait to bring what I’ve learned to the summer camps.  We’ve dug for dimetrodon in Seymour, Texas and studied trackways just outside of San Antonio.  I know that my experiences are going to up my cool factor with the kids by at least a hundred points!

Thanks again for checking us out.  Be sure to check back, as you never know what will be going on in the basement of HMNS!

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About Kat

Kat has been both the spokesperson for the CSI: The Experience exhibit and project manager for the Imperial Rome exhibit and has a love of all things historical and cultural. She is responsible for the Xplorations summer camp program, coordinating weekday labs during the school year, writing department curriculum and presenting at teacher trainings. Kat has worked at the Museum since 1996.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. I will be going to collage in sept to study pelo/ geo . is there a way to work in the pelo prep station,I was told that the dig sit will be opened in june, and Dr.Bakker wii allow members to go.

  2. Hi Juliana,

    Thanks for reasing the blog! The Paleo Field Program in June is mainly for educators – you can see more information here. But there are also opportunities to get involved in the Paleo program a little closer to home – David runs prep stations in our exhibit halls, where volunteers can work on preserving fossils while answering questions from the public.

    Thanks again for reading the blog – and good luck with your studies!


  3. I have a 7 year old daughter that is nuts about dinosaurs and states to anyone that will listen that she is going to be a paleologist when she grows up. I am wondering where I can look to find information about summer camps, day camps, reading material, etc that will foster and encourage her.



  4. Hi Will,

    That’s fantastic! If you’re in the Houston area, this museum has a variety of educational programs that would be perfect for her. Check out last year’s summer camp guide to get an idea of the types of classes that are offered. Our Paleontology program also runs Paleontology Field Trip experiences that would be a great experience as well. SHe might also be interested in our upcoming Dinosaur Mummy CSI exhibition – which features Leonardo, a spectacularly mummified dinosaur, among many other dinosaurs, and the story of Mary Anning, the first female professional fossil hunter.

    Best of luck to you and your daughter!

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