Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.9.08)

So here’s what went down since you logged off.

Creative Commons License photo credit: PPDIGITAL

Well, you can’t fault his logic. Oh wait. Yes, you can. Man whose house has been hit five times by meteorites: “I am obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials.”

Disney’s unveiled their animation plans for the next decade or so – and Pixar’s next original film will be about a lizard “cooling his heels in a community college science lab.” It’s called, creatively, “Newt.” They don’t say much more than that, but I’m pretty sure this crazy chameleon is destined to become entangled in some sort of hijink, causing a headache/inspiring a breakthrough/saving the day for his caretakers; hilarity ensues.

Those Vikings really got around. In addition to wandering over to the new world and terrorizing most of Europe, they were apparently trading with the East as early as the 9th century. A huge hoard of coins has been found in a Bronze Age tomb in Sweden – it’s made up of coins minted in Iraq and Syria dating to AD 840.

New research looks at…you! Researchers at UV Irvine have just announced the results of a study of blog readers’ online habits and experiences.

Instead of a black hole that swallows the Earth, CERN has created a new Internet.

In non-science news…Tired of visiting Mission Control for the 67th time? (No, Grandma, I never met Lisa Nowak.) Now you can throw one of these at your out-of-town guests as soon as they drop their luggage. Who knows? You might discover something new about your own city.

And, finally, thanks to Houstonist for spreading the word about BEYONDbones yesterday.  They have one of the best blogs in town (Seriously – are you a subscriber? No? Well, we can’t force to to be that super-cool, but trust me when I say you’re missing out) so we were thrilled to be featured. Thanks, guys!

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One thought on “Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.9.08)

  1. I’m so thankful to Houstonist for the link. I’m going to love reading this blog. I hope other museums in the area take your lead.

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