Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.8.08)

So here’s what went down since you logged off:

More support for the theory that everything is bigger in Texas: The Texas Petawatt Laser is now officially the most powerful in the world, according to Todd Ditmire, a physicist at UT-Austin. Yesterday, it reached a power output greater than one petawatt, or one quadrillion watts. That’s more than 2000 times the power out put of every power plant in the entire United States.

Immediately following the announcement, Ditmire laughed maniacally and demanded one million dollars

South Korea became a space state – their first astonaut, Yi So-Yeon, blasted off for the International Space Station early this morning.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is good for more than creating black holes to swallow the Earth – physicist Peter Higgs expects its use will confirm the existence of the Higgs boson particle – also dubbed the “God particle.”

A real-life bizarro world? Astronomers have found a solar system orbiting a star much like our Sun, with planets similar to Jupiter and Saturn – leading to speculation that a Bizarro Earth (and perhaps even a Bizarro Jerry?) may not be far behind.

And finally, this morning: Have you ever wondered how long you could survive, if you were ejected from a spaceship, Spock-style? Now you can find out. It’s fun – in a morbid sort of way.

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?

Created by OnePlusYou

Visit the site to see how long you’d last – and get an excruciatingly detailed account of what your last minute or so would be like. Thanks for the Chronicle’s SciGuy for pointing this out – I’ve got him beat by 12 seconds – but I have no idea why, and it seems like this is one of those contests that you probably want to lose. How do you fare?

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3 thoughts on “Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.8.08)

  1. I love these – now I have ammo to wow my coworkers at the lunch table tomorrow. They’ll think I’m a genius – *moooowhooohahahah*

  2. Do you think all the other astronauts are going to be waiting with balloons and cake? shhhh shhhh here comes Yi! SURPIRSE!!!!! Oh wait, it is just Doug.

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