Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.2.08)

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

The Hubble Telescope found a new black hole. And no, it wasn’t created by CERN.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bug-E
Um, it’s called Galveston. Researchers at Texas A&M University have confirmed that a “dead zone” has existed off the Texas coast for 22 years – and will likely keep on killin’ on.  

Talk about kicking them while they’re down – new research shows that climate change brought the mammoth species to its knees (foreshadowing, anyone?), but humans definitely delivered the final blow.

Hello, Mr. Tumnus? Scientists at Newcastle University have created the first human/animal embryo.

 Need another reason to help keep a kid into science? Texas ranks top in tech-industry job growth – even as the economy “shrinks.”

Do you like to invent things? Miss the third grade? Think you were robbed when the ant colony beat out your model volcano? Then it’s time to enter Discover Magazine’s Science Fair for a Better Planet. Go on – you might just have the idea that saves us all.

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