Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.23.08)


Creative Commons License photo credit: ComeIlMare

So here’s what went down since you logged off.

Did seeing Bambi as a kid make you want to save the whales? It may have just made you more likely to be killed by a bear.

If only Catherine of Aragon had laid off the plum pudding, Henry could’ve avoided that whole Anne Boleyn debacle. New evidence suggests that a child’s gender is associated with the mother’s diet.

A new map of the Gulf has just been published that may help us predict where hurricanes will make landfall much earlier – giving us that much more time to sit stranded on I-45.  

Our first contact with aliens might not be a “carbon-based occasion;” Stephen Hawking made a prediction about the likelihood of humanity surviving our intial contact with extraterrestrial life at NASA’s 50th anniversary this past Monday. In short, the aliens may come in peace – but their microbes will probably kill us anyway.

Geology students hit the mother lode (or, why you should keep studying science, kids!) points us to news that geology grads are making 80K/year - right out of school.



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One thought on “Science Doesn’t Sleep (4.23.08)

  1. Yikes! I was really looking forward to being around when Aliens finally touch down, but now that you mention the microbes forget it. Live long and properous my foot.

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