We like dead things

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We’re busy getting ready for our first teacher overnight program, on Leonardo da Vinci, and I’m jazzed.  We have done teacher workshops for a long time, and overnight programs for kids for a few years, but we are combining the two for the first time.  The program is sold out; in fact, it sold out almost immediately, so we went ahead and posted the two overnights we scheduled for the following school year on the HMNS website. The next event is scheduled for October, when we are having a Dia de los Muertos overnight for teachers and in the spring the topic is Mummies, Tombs and Catacombs, which is all about death rituals in various cultures.   

It was only after we finalized the plans that we noticed the 2008-2009 line up was all about death. Not intentional, but in the Museum business some times the dead people are the most interesting ones.

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Nicole has worked for HMNS in some capacity since 1996, whether part-time, full-time or as a volunteer. She taught for seven years in public school, including four years in Fort Bend and a short stint overseas. While she never taught science, she was always the teacher called when someone needed to remove a swarm of bees, catch a snake in the playground, or get the bat off the ceiling of the cafeteria.

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