Science While You Were Sleeping

Science doesn’t sleep. Here’s what happened while you were snoozing.

Feel like the Eye of Sauron is focused on you this Monday morning? Nostalgic about that climactic scene in Lord of the Rings? Check out these spectacular photos from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, of the recent Kilauea eruption.

If you’re looking for life on Mars, forget water – try cellulose. Here’s a hint: it looks like this.

Go, kakapo, go! Five of these rare, flightless and owl-like parrots were born in southern New Zealand – bringing the total number to 91.

Wait, you thought Harry Potter was fictional? Silly muggle. Tell that to the Ivy League participants in the U.S.’s first intercollegiate Quidditch game.

 Did you turn off the lights for Earth Hour? Millions of people across the world – and many major landmarks – did. Check out video of the lights going out here.

Pachycephalosaurs are some of the weirdest-looking dinosaurs out there – and their oddness has long left scientists puzzled about their behavior. Huge domed foreheads look like they’d be great for courtship combat – but spindly little necks look like they’d break way too easily. Enter computer technology from the University of Alberta – and the mystery may be solved.

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