The final product of evolution

Here is another sobering thought: we are not the final product of evolution. As a species that exists, reproduces and mutates, we too are subject to change over time.

So, what can we learn from this week’s discussion (here and here)? I would say several things:

First of all, Lucy and her kind have proven to be much more resilient than us, at least so far.
As a modern human species, we continue to evolve. Our children and our children’s children will continue to exhibit mutations that make them unique.
If enough time passes, this has the potential to change us as a species and it makes all of us participants in this never-ending process called evolution.
I’ll leave you with a question I like to pose to our visitors:

Do you think we will be able to survive another 400,000 years as a species, in order to be as successful as Lucy and her fellow Australopithecines?

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