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Top 10 discoveries in archaeology in 2006
August 22, 2007 · Be The First To Comment

  In its final 2006 issue Archaeology Magazine  listed the top 10 discoveries in archaeology made this year. Here are my favorites: The discovery of a three million year old child in what is now Ethiopia. I wrote about Baby Selam in another contribution.  Her discovery adds to a growing collection of fossilized remains. Occasionally […]

Lucy’s Kitties
August 18, 2007 · Be The First To Comment

Lucy’s World: Big Cats Everywhere: Fast Cats, Climbing Cats, Saber-Cats, Semi-Saber Cats, even Fast Saber Cats. I love Lucy. Anatomically, that is. Her skeleton is a marvelous combo. She has our human joints – knee, ankle, wrist, backbone – for upright posture. And she has some chimp/gorilla-style components – short legs, slightly splayed big toe, […]

How do we know: dating techniques
August 17, 2007 · Be The First To Comment

It is fairly easy for all of us to grasp events that happened a generation or two ago. Quite often, we heard stories from our parents and grandparents relating to these. Most people don’t have problems either with things that occurred centuries earlier.  We know Napoleon existed, and so did Julius Caesar.  Babylon was a […]

Paleoanthropology: making the past come alive.
August 15, 2007 · Be The First To Comment

Here are some questions you might have: Lucy and her relatives lived millions of years ago.  How do you find out what Lucy looked like? How do you know what she ate?  What was the environment like when she lived? Who can answer these questions? Paleoanthropologists. Paleoanthropologists, or people who study early humans, specialize in […]

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Katydid!…Did she?

Olive – a Giant Long-Legged Katydid from Malaysia – was with us for only a few days, however, she left us with a precious gift; her eggs! Now, will those eggs hatch? We’re keeping our fingers crossed over here that we’ll soon be seeing some cute little katydid babies! This insect has quickly become my […]

Butterfly Pinning How To

Have you ever seen a piece of art or craft that you think to yourself “I could do that!” but of course you never act on it?  Well, some people do act on that impulse and I’m going to show you how to do just that.  Every now and then I get a phone call from […]

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From Our Collections: a Manangya katsina

Grant Jones · November 15, 2021, 11:37 am

I am looking for the word, s. meaning "Snow dancer" in the Sioux language.

Full Moon | November 2021 Sky Happenings

CAROL RITTER · November 14, 2021, 9:20 am

very interesting! I saw the wonderful event wherein Venus appeared to be in the arms of the new moon (was that a poem by Sir Patrick Spence?) Your picture of the airplane in front of the full moon is dated.

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